Welcome to the official website of UK guitarist Tom Quayle

Tom Quayle is a fusion guitarist from Leeds in the UK. Welcome to Tom's website and thanks for coming along.


Here you'll find all the information you could want on Tom's playing, teaching and career. Enjoy browsing the site and be sure to check out the lessons sections for exclusive downloads and videos and to purchase lessons with Tom in PDF, Mp3 and Video formats. Stay tuned for news updates and info on Tom's upcoming debut album.


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Fusion Lesson Bundle Available NOW!!

Save over $100 on the regular lesson price with this fantastic instant download bundle...

This fantastic and great bargain bundle contains ALL of Tom's lessons from his website. This bundle includes hours and hours of video tuition, tons of PDF files, licks, concepts and backing tracks.


The bundle is priced to save you over $100 at only $280! (VAT/Sales Tax may be added depending on where you live)

The normal price for all of this material is over $400.


The bundle includes all of the following lessons/material: -

Technique Essentials Range:-

Modern Legato Part 1

Modern Legato Part 2

Modern Legato Part 3

Practice Session Vol 1 - Modern Legato

Fusion Blues Playing:-

Tackling the I-IV Movement

Modern Licks for the Advancing Blues Player


Extras: -

Langdales Hotel 3hr 20min Masterclass Video

Funk Changes Solo - Full Transcription


Fusion Essentials Range:-

Jazz Harmony/Playing Over Changes

Soloing Over Dominant 7th Chords

Using Chromaticism in Your Playing

Diminished Scale Harmony

Creative Use of Pentatonics

Improvising with Triad Pairs

Guide to Melodic Minor

Chordal Playing & Comping

Contemporary II-V-I Lines

Improvising Using Formulas

Fusion Chordal Playing Concepts

Playing Outside Creating Tension & Release

This is a VERY large download and the use of a download manager is recommended for optimum download times.

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(VAT/Sales Tax may be added depending on where you live)

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Weighing in at 2.5 hours this is Tom's biggest and best tutorial to date. Fusion Essentials - Guide to Melodic Minor focuses on this fantastic scale and it's modes allowing you to fully utilise and understand their application in modern harmony, soloing and chord progressions. If you have a desire to create the most modern and 'hip' fusion or jazz sounds within your playing and have always wanted to master the melodic minor scale then this tutorial will help you to fulfil those goals. Tom teaches each of the seven modes in great detail with close up, high definition shots of both the left and right hand with full harmonic applications and improvised example solos and grooves, all transcribed in over 29 pages of TAB for both standard and Tom's 4ths tuning. You will learn a huge number of licks, lines and chord progressions that are instantly applicable and will make your playing sound better than ever before.


Included in the package: -


2.5 hour HD video


29 pages of transcribed lines, licks, scales and chords (standard and 4ths tuning)


Scale Formula Reference Chart


Altered Chord Supplement


All this for just $35 - making it Tom's best value lesson so far.

(VAT/Sales Tax may be added depending on where you live)

Instant Download available now! - 4.5Gb File


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Fusion Essentials - Guide to Melodic Minor - AVAILABLE NOW!!!

This is a large download and the use of a download manager is recommended for optimum download times.

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Organic 1080p Video Backing Track Package - Available NOW!

Fantastic new backing track package with a real, world class rhythm section (example solos NOT included)

Hi guys, thanks so much for checking out this first video backing track package from my site. Back in November 2013 I went into Silent City studios with Garry Jackson on Bass and Dave Walsh on Drums to record a series of organic trio based backing tracks that would build and fall naturally for you guys to jam over. The concept was to make cool sounding tracks with real players that would be both fun and challenging to play over and the result is these eleven tracks with close up video of each player. Unique to this product is the ability for you to place your own video in the jam using the blank quarter of the screen and upload your take to Facebook, Youtube or any other video hosting site and share your solo with the rest of the world. These tracks certainly represent more of a challenge than the typical one chord vamps you may be used to and require you to use your ears and play ‘with’ the trio in some cases sitting out for short bass solos or building your solo to match the dynamics of the band. Some of the tracks are based around static vamps whilst others contain chord changes, some are rhythmically simple and others are more complex with odd time signatures. What you can be sure of is that we had a huge amount of fun filming these tracks for you and I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Track Listing: -

1.   A Harmonic Minor

2.  A Lydian

3.  A7 to G7

4.  Bb Lydian Dominant

5.  Bb7 to G7

6.  Bb7 to G7 in 7/4

7.  D Mixolydian

8.  Dameron Groove

9.  F Major to F Minor

10. Hendrix Groove I

11.  Hendrix Groove II

This is a large download and the use of a download manager is recommended for optimum download times.

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(VAT/Sales Tax may be added depending on where you live)

Preview video - D Mixolydian Track

Solos not included


Package contains: -


11 Video Backing tracks in 1080p with space to put your own video


11 mp3 backing tracks at 256kbps


PDF booklet explaining each track with soloing strategies


Preview video - Hendrix Groove I Track

Solos not included


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Designed by Tom Quayle - 2013