Fusion Essentials - Using Chromaticism In Your Playing1


Using Chromaticism is a fundamental aspect of fusion and jazz guitar playing. Chromaticism gives your playing a hip, modern sound and sophistication. This tutorial will take you through some great concepts and ideas for ways that you can add chromaticism into your lines starting from the simple up to complex jazz principles of approach notes and bebop scales.1 The tutorial includes lots of example licks fully explained and demonstrated on 1080p HD video and an indepth PDF tutorial document detailing all concepts with examples. This could be all you need to take your fusion, rock or blues playing to the next level you've been looking for. Also included are 5 backing tracks to jam along to and practice the licks with. This tutorial contains: - Full 1080p HD Video outlining licks 5 Great Backing tracks to jam to 10 fresh sounding and exciting fusion licks Video demonstration & breakdown of each lick High quality PDF file explaining each concept in detail All this for just $25.00! (VAT/Sales Tax may be added depending on where you live) Instant Download in PDF, Mp4 and Mp3 format. HD Version - 1080p Video (300Mb download) - $25.00 This is NOT a physical product - ONLY A DIGITAL ONE
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